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Astrophotography Gallery

Welcome to my gallery! Click on the images below to go to individual galleries by topic, as indicated. Note that some galleries are not active yet; I am still in the process of cleaning up and posting what I consider my better images.

About my pictures: All of these images were taken by me either with my equipment at home or via remote access to telescopes I controlled via the internet. I grant permission for them to be copied and used freely. All I ask is that if you do use one of my pictures, please send me a note to let me know where, and credit me somewhere in your document.

Messier Gallery

The Sun Gallery

The Moon Gallery

M2720120506v3a SolarProminences9122011

The Planet Gallery

iTelescope Gallery

Deep Space Gallery

Jupiter11152011 M2720120506v3 Andromeda01062012a

Serendipitous Gallery

The Star Gallery

M2720120506v3a SolarProminences9122011 Moon111611 Jupiter11152011 M2720120506v3 Andromeda01062012a ISSandJupiterlabels22912 Polaris8292011