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I will list and (briefly) describe here the materials I have found most useful in my ongoing self education in astronomy and related subjects. Note that some of the images shown here are not my own and instead are copied from other sources on the web. I only use them to clearly refer others to the material mentioned. If anyone objects to my use of an image, simply drop me a note, and I will remove it.

Courses publicly available


Introductory Astronomy - PH1600 - Michigan Tech University (iTunes)

This series of 25 video lectures (~50 min. each) is available for free on iTunes (which is also free)! It is taught by Professor Robert Nemiroff, who does an outstanding job of mixing lecture with images and video to introduce the fundamentals of astronomy. This is not a "dumbed down" class for the public; it is in fact a full college level course which was captured on video and shared with the world for free. It is introductory, so don't expect any higher level math, etc., but Professor Nemiroff makes every subject approachable and interesting. You will be hard pressed to finish a lesson without having learned something!

Click on the image to the left for a link to this course on iTunes; if that fails, simply do a websearch on the title listed above (I have no idea how often iTunes changes their internal links).

Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe (The Great Courses)

This series of 36 video lectures (30 min. each) is available for purchase from the company: The Great Courses. It, obviously, is not free, but if you wait for one of their regular sales (which happen often) you can buy it for an excellent price, and it is (IMHO) worth every penny.

This course was written and taught by Professor Mark Whittle of the University of Virginia. I cannot possibly say enough good things about how well he lectures and how interesting he makes this subject! Professor Whittle has a true passion for cosmology and a knack for helping the viewer comprehend phenomena that truly would be difficult to grasp. His lectures are "bite sized", energizing, and always informative. I wish he would write another follow-up course!

Click on the image to the left for a link to this course at The Great Courses website.