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Here I want to capture ideas - some perhaps crazy; some for future development into projects. I welcome input on my ideas as well as new ideas you would like to see included here. Simply drop me a note!


  • Community of remote observatories:
    As mentioned elsewhere in my site, I am not a night owl...a significant handicap for a hobby that usually involves a lot of night effort (now you know why my solar picture gallery is big and growing!). I would love to create a community of private remote observatories from different parts of the world. Where it is day here, it is night elsewhere, and if I could access an observatory (not currently in use), I could observe and image without staying up most of the night!
  • AllSky Camera:
    A number of companies make AllSky cameras. The output (single frame and time lapse) looks intruiguing, as does the possibility of hunting for meteors. I'd like to try one of these out. And as with above, it would be interesting to have a community of AllSky camera users to share (and compare) outputs.
  • Capturing an ISS pass in front of the Sun or Moon:
    This is more a "goal" than it is a brainstorm, but I'll record it here until I can develop it into a formal Project. I read recently about people capturing the International Space Station (ISS) as it made a pass in front of the Sun or Moon. I plan to explore tools available on the web to track ISS crossings and intersect them with sun and moon positions to see if any possibilities occur here locally.